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Tap into thriving Australian and New Zealand markets with a cost-efficient outsourced sales team. We offer Strategy, Data, People and Technology to reduce your HR burden and lower your customer acquisition costs with tailored b2b sales & lead generation services.

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Warm Leads and Sales Acceleration Services

Are you looking to scale your business in Australia? Illicium is a Sydney-based marketing company that thrives on utilising data-driven insights to get more qualified prospects and potential customers knocking on your door. We help our clients craft tailored outbound marketing strategies and bring them to life through market research and personalised b2b lead generation services. If you’re after a partnership that values your long-term success, you’re in the right place.

Why Partner With Us?

Specialised talent

Spotting a sales talent is half of the battle. At Illicium, we amplify capabilities with product training and uncompromising quality control. We're not passing off to you someone with raw potential; we're allocating industry experts, prepped to manage high-stakes conversations with Australia's top C-level execs. Be it in enterprise or commercial sectors.

Lower overheads

Managing a lead generation team entails more than just salary expenses. Elements like data, technology, quality control, and managerial oversight often get overlooked in budget considerations. Illicium provides a turn-key team that takes care of all these factors at a fraction of the cost while generally delivering far better results.

Reduced Risks

Operating an in-house business development team in Australia comes with its own challenges - from recruitment costs and high turnover to the awkward moments of cold call missteps. We take the gamble out of the equation by selecting top sales talent and refining their skills for consultative, game-changing chats with C-level players in ANZ.

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Leads Generated per Week
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Top Marketing Agency That Gets Results

Get ready for a different kind of sales outsourcing and customer experience journey. We refuse to become a typical appointment-setting factory. Yes, we deliver immediate wins, but our real focus lies in understanding your business challenges to formulate a better path to long-term growth. We dig deep into your needs, shaping customised lead generation services that fuel expansion in both local and international markets.

This balanced approach of quick results and sustainable marketing strategy earned us Clutch recognition as a top Sales Outsourcing and Lead Generation Company in Australia in 2023.

A Done-For-You Business Development Team

In the landscape of in-house sales development, the investment is hefty and the path uncertain. However, a fresh perspective emerges in Australia as our insales experts chart the way forward. At Illicium, our founder-led sales team, armed with strategic prowess, data insights, and content mastery, is poised to rewrite the rules.

of B2B businesses
struggle to generate more leads
of marketers
view the lack of resources as the biggest challenge to generating leads
of businesses
outsource sales and marketing services to lead generation companies

B2B Lead Generation - Sydney & Beyond

In the dynamic B2B landscape of the Australian market, the operational business rhythm intersects with a conservative, relationship-driven ethos. That creates a significant challenge for the sales pipeline generation pace. Yet, this is precisely where Illicium shines brightest. We help sculpt top-tier business development teams skilled at generating qualified leads that convert into new revenue. Rooted deeply in enterprise, IT, and SaaS sales, Illicium can be an invaluable partner for international companies entering the Australian scene and local businesses eager to expand their customer base.  So whether you’re looking to amplify your in-house resources or are interested in outsourcing your lead generation services, we can fast-track your path to market and get more clients to your door.

People Focused

A robust marketing strategy begins with the people responsible for uncovering qualified prospects. That's why we've assembled a team that balances their focus on business goals with customer experience services.

Technology Driven

Our lead generation team leverages cutting-edge solutions to uncover more leads that fit into your Ideal Client Profile. We focus on brands, companies and prospects with the highest likelihood of conversion.

Process Orientated

Lead generation success isn't dictated by activity metrics. It stems from a process-orientated approach based on quality control and a continuous improvement blueprint. We help to unify these elements to attain great results.

From B2B Lead Generation to Full-Spectrum Digital Marketing

At Illicium, we’ve crafted a consultative RevOps approach that takes your sales and operational strategies to the next level. Rooted in robust IT and UCaaS expertise, we transcend the ordinary, going beyond mere appointment-setting services. Our capabilities stretch further, encompassing the fine art of crafting customised marketing services and optimising your VoIP, CRM and lead generation infrastructure.

Say goodbye to the hassle of relying on outdated and costly databases for your business development needs. Our dedicated research teams are here to support you, providing carefully validated high-intent data that perfectly aligns with your ideal customers and prospects’ profiles. We’re always in sync with the latest information, sourcing real-time B2B contact records enriched with personalised data points that enhance conversions.

In the Australian B2B landscape, a tailored solution-selling approach is a key for securing quality leads. Phone scripts without personalisation will only irritate your prospects, and generic email marketing campaigns can land your domain in spam. With Illicium, you get a dedicated team that knows how to operate in ANZ, understands your target market, and generates leads without risking your brand.

Sales conversion is the best measure of lead quality. At Illicium, we offer a holistic approach by providing an inside sales team that not only procures new opportunities but also ensures their transformation into tangible revenue. This service is perfect for international companies venturing into the Australian market or ANZ organisations in their early growth stages. 

In the B2B world, every step a buyer takes is important, from first learning about your brand to sealing the deal. At Illicium, we make this path smoother across all digital marketing channels. We combine quick-win sales strategies with long-term marketing campaigns. This approach delivers both instant results and ongoing growth. By using smart SEO, focused content, and targeted Google ads, we attract potential customers while keeping costs in check.

A poorly designed pitch deck can overshadow even the best of ideas, potentially costing opportunities. For startups seeking investment or established businesses aiming for lucrative deals, a well-crafted presentation can differentiate between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. At Illicium, we understand this challenge. We guide you through each step, allowing our graphic designers to transform your ideas into clear and engaging visuals. With our expertise, your pitch will be set to impress.

Finding top sales talents is only the starting point. Setting them up for success is the next step. At Illicium, we’ve mastered both worlds. Whether you need our help recruiting and onboarding new sales talents or just aiming to amplify your current team’s results, our Fractional Sales Management service provides the roadmap. Through targeted training and hands-on oversight, we ensure that every member of your team is positioned for success and consistently hits the mark.

Don’t know which service is right for you?

Our Clients
"Illicium dove really deep into a product they didn’t know, which was fantastic. We’re all amazed by the work they’ve done."
Inna Shablygin
VP of Operations at WWPass
"We like Illicium's persistence to deliver above and beyond."
Yuri Miloslavski
CEO at YMtech
"Alex is one of the most valuable people I've ever worked with. Proactive, ambitious, dedicated and highly organised."
Ami Mullenger
Sales Development Manager
"Illicium were easy to work with and always happy to ask questions and communicate as needed."
Natalie Ng
Management Consultant at Idea Science
"Illicium is really good at quickly adopting feedback."
Eugene Fedorchenko
Founder at Intfinite
"The leads that Illicium found and the data they presented to us were very good; they delivered excellent work."
Gavin Rae
MD at Product Rocket

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialise in refining your brand, message, and target market. Our expertise lies in tailoring sales messages across diverse marketing channels, encompassing phone outreach, email marketing campaigns, and impactful social media strategies. Your sales team is only spending time with quality leads sent by our team with a genuine intent to find out more about your service or product.

In the world of outbound business development, the journey is dynamic. The flow might seem a bit modest as we kick off in the first month. This is because our strategy involves building meaningful connections through multiple touchpoints. However, you’ll experience a more robust stream of qualified leads as we progress into the second and third months. Around months four and five, this stream reaches its optimal performance, bringing you closer to the desired results. This comprehensive approach requires time to flourish. We recommend a six-month campaign to ensure you reap the maximum benefits and achieve the best possible return on investment.

We believe in transparency and long-term partnerships. Our contract terms span six months, carefully crafted to align with the realities of a B2B sales process in Australia. Our clients understand that lead generation is a journey, not a sprint, and it takes time to witness substantial results. This duration allows us to fully implement and optimise our strategies, ensuring that you experience the true potential of our services. Additionally, we provide a 30-day notice option after three months, granting you the flexibility to adjust your strategy if needed while enabling ample time to see the progress and benefits of our collaboration.

Our team operates across diverse geographic regions, each chosen strategically to access top-tier talent. We’ve curated a team of skilled professionals worldwide with a presence in Australia, the Philippines, Eastern Europe, and Austria. This global perspective brings an array of expertise and significant cost savings to our clients.

At Illicium, we’ve tailored our pricing model to align perfectly with your business goals and results. Think of it as a win-win scenario that mimics hiring a sales contributor in-house. Our pricing structure consists of two key components:
  • Monthly Retainer: This covers the comprehensive team behind your success—data researchers, business development specialists, and dedicated customer success managers—all working harmoniously to drive results.
  • Performance-Based Commission: Here’s where the magic happens. We’re as invested in your success as you are. Our monthly commission is directly tied to your desired outcomes. Whether it’s the number of qualified leads we bring in or the new revenue generated from our end-to-end sales efforts, our incentives align with your objectives.
Our approach slashes your upfront investment and risk, making it more cost-effective than hiring an in-house sales contributor. Your investment includes licenses, dynamic team collaboration, and a refined process curated by our award-winning sales experts. Clients often see remarkable savings of approximately 40% compared to the costs associated with onboarding and managing a single in-house contributor. It’s all about maximising value and results, driving growth while minimising overhead.

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