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Qualified opportunities

Building a solid pipeline requires solid account engagement. Businesses are trying to do whatever possible to stay ahead of the curve with inbound, outbound and interruption marketing. However, while striving to be as effective as possible with demand generation, nurturing, administration, retention, customer services and growth hacking activities, they often realise that their sales conversion expectations are far greater than their abilities to deliver.

To address that and help our customers to scale fast, we developed a turnkey approach to launch sequenced campaigns to targeted audiences in as little as ten business days with skilled Business Development Reps and Marketing Specialists.

To deliver the best ROI, we continuously monitor and recalibrate the approach to bring qualified opportunities to your business.

GTM Strategy
Let’s map the fastest route to your sales goals with an actionable Go-to-Market Plan.
Target Market
Don’t waste your resources on aiming too broad. We’ll identify the target to get better results.
ICP Validation
We’ll leverage your data to validate your Ideal Customer Profile and shortlist prospects that are most likely to buy.
We’ll look at what your competitors are doing to uncover their weak spots and perfect your Value Proposition.
Sales Playbook
This is a stage where we combine all the findings together to create engaging and efficient sales tactics.
Ignite your sales
Ignite your sales

Data Acceleration

Empower your team to maximise sales results and personalise customer engagement with data-driven decisions based on real-time insights.

Lead Generation

Get more qualified opportunities fast and engage more buyers by leveraging the most cost-effective route to market using an orchestrated outbound approach.

Sales Augmentation

Optimize your new business acquisition costs and drive more revenue by tapping into our Sales-as-a-Service infrastructure.

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Igniting Sales in Sydney: Illicium’s Masterstroke

At Illicium, our primary goal is to ignite sales and stimulate your business growth by creating a ripple effect across the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) markets. In today’s fiercely competitive landscape, it’s clear that merely offering a standout product or service isn’t sufficient. The secret sauce lies in forming invaluable connections that lead to qualified opportunities. This is precisely where our expertise in sales augmentation shines.
We apply our unique turnkey approach rather than deploying a generic, one-size-fits-all strategy. By meticulously understanding your service offering and identifying the right audience, we strategically align our efforts to resonate with them. We focus on igniting sales and nurturing your potential clients, ensuring a steady flow of qualified opportunities to your sales stream. This entails warming them up to the point where they’re ready for an earnest conversation about their challenges and how your solution could be their ideal remedy.
However, our commitment continues beyond lead generation. As part of our comprehensive turnkey approach, we equip your sales teams with the necessary tools to seal the deal and maintain a robust relationship with clients. This sales augmentation strategy is crucial in transforming a one-time lead into a long-term advocate of your brand.

Decoding Success: Reconnaissance, Value, and the Sales Playbook

Every successful sales strategy starts with understanding the competitive landscape. At Illicium, this reconnaissance phase is a crucial aspect of our sales process. It involves comprehensively analysing your competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and leveraging this knowledge to enhance your value proposition.
To turn these efforts into a powerful tool, we codify our insights and strategies into a dynamic sales playbook. This document is an integral part of our strategy design. It doesn’t just chart the way forward; it also provides a versatile script for your sales teams, arming them with efficient responses to potential challenges and objections. This way, we ensure your team is always prepared, come what may.
However, we understand that the market is an ever-changing landscape, and what works today might only work for a while. Hence, our sales playbook is not static but a living strategy that evolves with real-time market shifts. This continual updating ensures that your value proposition stays relevant and robust, always providing a competitive edge to your sales teams.

Our extensive reconnaissance lays the foundation for a finely tuned value proposition that addresses your customers’ needs and stands out. Coupled with the dynamic sales playbook, we aim to deliver a holistic approach that can transform potential leads into loyal customers.

Data and Strategy: Powering Outbound Success

We view data not merely as numbers but as fuel for our sales augmentation machine. To ensure we’re driving on the highest quality fuel, we employ a two-pronged data approach: research and enrichment. It’s a meticulous process that ultimately saves our lead developers invaluable time and resources.

Our dedicated data analysts delve deep into the vast oceans of available information, sourcing the best possible leads. To uncover new contacts, they use state-of-the-art tools such as LinkedIn Navigator, Lusha, and ZoomInfo. This research phase is about more than quantity; it’s about quality. We focus on finding the qualified opportunities most likely to convert into sales.

In the data enrichment phase, we breathe new life into your existing contact lists. Business landscapes are constantly shifting — people leave companies, emails change — and we understand the importance of having the most current data. We review your existing data, validate it, and enrich it with fresh information. This ensures that your lead developers are always equipped with the most relevant and accurate data.

By investing in data research and enrichment, we can arm our lead developers with the correct information so that they can focus their energy on what they do best: engaging leads and igniting sales. This is our orchestrated outbound approach in action. It’s a cost-effective route to market that maximises the potential of your sales efforts in the Australian and New Zealand market.

Amplify Growth: Sales Augmentation

At Illicium, we don’t just augment sales; we revolutionise your sales strategy by integrating seamlessly with your team. We adopt and enhance your sales processes, shaping a turnkey approach that yields qualified opportunities, ignites sales, and paves the path to success.
Our service extends beyond just appointment setting. We elevate brand recognition, streamline digital marketing activities, and assist with CRM and telephony tool implementation. We sculpt an orchestrated outbound approach, leveraging data-driven decisions and enhancing your overall business development capabilities.
With Illicium, you’re investing in more than immediate sales growth; you’re building a solid foundation for future success. We’re not just here to boost sales—we’re here to power your business to a brighter future. That’s the Illicium promise.

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