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Launch your Australian Outsourced Sales Team

A new market entry could be challenging even if you try doing it domestically in your own country or region. However, once your company has achieved initial success, an international expansion could be a logical step to move forward. This step is even more relevant for complex tech and software solution suppliers.

Once you decide to replicate the success on an international scale, you must consider multiple factors to attain the desired outcome of your new market entry journey. Legal, regulatory and cultural environments. Different time zones and local market knowledge. It takes time to piece the puzzle together before moving to the next daunting phase: hiring and onboarding a new local team.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated. With Illicium, you can outsource all your commercial activities to a partner that can work as an extension of your sales team and represent your brand locally in Australia.

Sales outsourcing provides you with many additional benefits too:

Shorter time-to-market

Hiring, training and onboarding staff in Australia is time-consuming and often costly. The selection procedure alone usually takes several months, and it takes time to get the person up to speed with the ramp-up process. Professional sales outsourcing agencies are set up in a way that they can swiftly allocate the resources required for your market introduction launch.

Market knowledge

Australia represents one of the most attractive global investment opportunities due to its resilient economy, ongoing innovation pace, and proximity to Asia's powerhouse economies. However, the country's market has its own characteristics and peculiarities, making it hard to build up a successful and scalable structure at a distance. B2B sales outsourcing companies understand their local market, know relevant laws and can reduce your initial investment in hiring a team of full-time sales experts that are usually hard to find and even harder to manage.

Flexibility and low risks

No matter how much you prepare or research the new market, an international expansion is often a leap of faith. There is no certainty that new activities will lead to the projected results within the expected time. A direct new market investment such as opening a local office or onboarding a new team implies that your organisation will be committed to a chosen policy for an extended period. Therefore, it could be hard to swiftly adapt or respond to changing conditions if the situation requires so. By bringing on a Sydney-based outsourced sales team, you can test the Australian market cost-efficiently while postponing significant investments until you find a model that works for your business.

If you are interested in expanding your operations to the Australian market, Illicium is here to help.

A free assessment could be a great starting point for exploring if the sales outsourcing model is the right fit for you. In addition, we will be happy to share valuable insights into the Australian market and provide you with actionable suggestions that you could later implement with or without us.

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