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Outsourced B2B sales team

Sales-as-a-Service is an outsourced offering where one company provides a dedicated team to another in an optimised form to maintain cost-efficiency and optimal performance. These teams could combine a variety of roles allocated for a specific project to carry out a job with minimum time, effort and overheads. In addition, the outsourced reps act as their client’s qualified representatives by learning brand objectives, products and services.

This business model allows scaling fast into new markets, geographies, and segments while eliminating the work, expense, and time required to recruit and manage in-house staff.

Partnering with an outsourced B2B sales team solely focused on growing your business leads to a positive ROI and numerous other advantages. That is what the Sales-as-a-Service business model is all about, and that is our specialty at Illicium.

What are the benefits?

Cost efficiency

Having an internal B2B sales team costs a lot of time and requires recruitment and training efforts. That translates into lower ROI and higher risks associated with employee underperformance. However, outsourcing the B2B sales force to Sales as a Service provider means teaming up with a dedicated and experienced team that is already trained, well managed and ready to deliver results.

Reduced risk

With the Sales as a Service model, you avoid long commitments and run short activation campaigns to test new products or enter new markets. Illicium provides an optimised team that executes on a scalable strategy. We ensure better control with transparency by closely matching costs to positive outcomes.

Brand extension

Sales as a Service team operates as your reliable brand extension. We deep dive into your company’s culture, offering and marketing strategies to ensure that your customer’s experience remains the same.

Tactical execution

We invest time in learning your brand and developing strategies to define and execute on the fastest route to market. A typical Sales as a Service team comprises multiple members to include a variety of skills required to achieve sales conversion results in a controlled and predictable manner.

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