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As an extension to your marketing team, Illicium will deliver fast and reliable path to market with an account base target approach.

Lead Generation Marketing

How we can help:

Inbound Lead Qualification

To hire and train an in-house sales team can take months. We offer the fastest, most-targeted path to market using an orchestrated outbound approach. Tap into Illicium Sales as a Service infrastructure to access well trained and readily available on-demand resources.

Account based outreach

Illicium team brings expertise, tools and technology to attain predictable revenue and maximise outreach results. Capitalise on the investment we've made without having to invest yourself in the solution stack, software architecture and training.

Targeted approach

Outbound account-based prospecting is the fastest, most direct path to market and a measurable way to demonstrate investment ROI. Unlike any other marketing and ad spend activities, it generates results in weeks, not months or years. We help you balance long-term brand building campaigns with short-term activation programs to attain high conversion rates.

Strategic growth

Outbound lead generation is one of the most time and resource-consuming stages in the sales activation process. It is full of monotonous work that includes research, data analysis, continuous follow-up, etc. In-house employees take long to find, are hard to train and even harder to manage due to fast burnout and short tenures. That is an area where we can help by taking the hard work away, letting you focus on growth in a strategic way.

The Importance of Lead Generation for Digital Marketing Agencies

In the business arena, a lead is a significant driving force, mirroring genuine interest in your services and jumpstarting your sales operations. However, the high costs of operating an in-house sales team often prompt businesses to seek cost-effective solutions. This is where the concept of lead generation for a marketing agency becomes vital. While many agencies excel at developing top-tier online marketing strategies, they can sometimes falter when it comes to outbound lead generation. To bridge this gap, a blend of far-reaching, long-term tactics and prompt, cold-calling campaigns can present a potent solution, fast-tracking the process to generate leads for digital marketing companies. That’s where Illicium takes the stage. As a standout in the field of sales augmentation, Illicium can seamlessly partner with agencies to amplify their long-term SEO and backlink optimisation tactics with robust outbound campaigns. Our team does more than just speed up lead generation for a marketing agency process; we also assist your sales team in staying focused on conversions while delivering considerable cost savings.

Establishing the Foundation for Successful Lead Generation

Whether you’re fostering an in-house team or partnering with an outside provider like Illicium, a sound understanding of your target audience and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is critical to your lead generation success. Without a clear target, you risk shooting blindly, wasting precious resources. Gaining insights into your audience is merely the initial stride. The real success lies in discerning the quality of leads. The most desirable are those fitting your ICP, needing your solution, and either possessing decision-making authority or the ability to advocate for your offering within their organisation. Moreover, a distinct decision-making timeline is a crucial factor. These high-quality leads truly fuel your sales team’s enthusiasm and drive the transformation of mere opportunities into concrete revenue.

Bringing in the Leads: A Five-Step Plan.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of lead generation strategies, which are especially crucial when you’re looking to generate leads for a digital marketing company or explore lead generation for network marketing. Here’s a rundown of the steps involved:
  1. Crafting Marketing Personas: Imagine your ideal customer. What’s their daily routine? Their challenges? Understanding these nuances allows you to deliver a pitch that speaks directly to them.
  2. Scoping Out the Competition: Identify what your rivals are acing and what they’re missing. Use these insights to polish your unique value proposition, creating an irresistible offering.
  3. Analysing Targets and Sourcing Contacts: Don’t spread your net wide. Instead, zero in on contacts aligning with your Ideal Customer Profile and persona. This strategy ensures you’re knocking on the right doors.
  4. Connecting Across Channels: Start conversing with potential clients across multiple platforms – calls, emails, and social media. Keep the engagement fluid, adjusting your pitch to match their responses.
  5. Rolling Out Digital Powerhouses: Launch your digital artillery-like bespoke landing pages and marketing materials. These tools turn curious browsers into eager participants.
And just like that, you’ve got a streamlined yet powerful game plan, fine-tuned for the specific task of generating leads for network marketing, a strategy that can effectively be deployed by any digital marketing company out there!

Nurturing and Conversion: Turning Leads into Gold

Lead Conversion: A Journey, Not a Sprint

In lead generation, whether for marketing agencies or network marketing, it’s crucial to remember that not every lead instantly means a closed deal or a revenue spike. Typically, leads sourced from outbound campaigns are in the early stages of their buying journey. They’ve shown interest, but they’re not yet ready to commit.

Nurturing and Engagement: The Secret to Conversion

This is where nurturing plays its part, similar to the careful tending needed to transform a seed into a blossoming plant. Nurturing leads requires consistent engagement after the initial meeting, ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind during its buying journey.

Leads left unattended risk being captured by competitors, not necessarily because they offer a superior product, but because they dedicated more time to building relationships and brand awareness.

The Power of Persistence: Driving Decision-making

The customer buying journey starts with brand awareness, moving into the consideration phase, where options are evaluated. This is where nurturing proves critical, guiding them towards the ultimate stage: decision-making. Thanks to your persistent engagement, they will likely choose your offering over the competition.

In the end, whether you’re generating leads for network marketing or working on lead generation for a marketing agency, it’s crucial to remember – nurturing and consistent engagement can transform warm leads into loyal customers. It may require patience and persistence, but the rewards make it all worthwhile.

In-house vs Outsourced Lead Generation: Weighing the Pros and Cons

In the realm of lead generation for digital marketing agencies, choosing between an in-house team and outsourcing requires careful consideration. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each option:

In-house Lead Generation: Pros

  • Control and Transparency: Maintain full control over the lead generation process and align efforts with your business strategy.
  • Tailored Talent Development: Handpick and train talents to meet your company’s unique standards, fostering a cohesive team culture.
  • Brand Alignment and Integration: Enjoy seamless integration with your brand, as your in-house team understands your services, values, and goals.

In-house Lead Generation: Cons

  • Scarcity of Exceptional Talents: Finding top-notch sales talents can be challenging, requiring time and resources.
  • Management Complexity and Risk: Managing a sales team demands expertise and carries the risk of underperformance.
  • Resource Intensiveness: Running an in-house team can be resource-intensive, diverting focus from critical business aspects.

Outsourced Lead Generation: Leveraging Expertise

Outsourcing lead generation offers specialised sales expertise, industry knowledge, and the ability to refocus on core competencies. It provides cost efficiency, scalability, and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

Ultimately, the choice rests upon your business needs, available resources, and growth aspirations. Select the approach that harmonises with your objectives and drives your agency towards triumphant outcomes.

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