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The B2B buying process was transforming dramatically, even before the pandemic changed how we work. With the abundance of information online, buyers reach out to vendors only when they’ve learned all they can about a product or a service they are after, being very close to a purchasing decision during the first engagement. 

Gone are the days when businesses could influence buyers’ decisions with direct communication and a smooth pitch about the benefits of a potential solution. Nowadays, you have to jump through many hoops to send your customers on a journey around your brand, straining all sales, marketing and branding muscles on the way.

Where sales activation is a movement from prospect to customer, brand-building is all the work done before and after to win customer attention and maintain their focus. Therefore, to attain higher conversion rates, “long-term” brand building campaigns and “short-term” activation programs must be working together.

Illicium can provide you with a turn-key solution to balance branding with sales and orchestrate your customer journey across all the engagement steps.

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Website Design

Create a website that will convert your visitors into customers.

Marketing Collateral

Design sales presentations and marketing materials that will trigger inbound demand.

Brand Activation

Put your customers on a journey around your brand by balancing sales and marketing activation.

Video Production

Creation of videos and video editing from the client's material.

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Navigating the Sales Journey: The Interplay of Branding and Sales

Visualise B2B sales not as a race but as a well-choreographed ballet. The applause may be for the final sales conversion, but branding and marketing are the maestros orchestrating this symphony from behind the curtain.
In the digital age, B2B buyers are neither hasty nor impulsive. The sales activation has morphed into a multi-layered maze where each twist and turn requires strategic planning and building trust. The customer journey is now akin to a chess game, demanding foresight and nuance. Even the most eloquent sales pitch may stumble without a carefully crafted game plan that elevates your marketing presence.
Consider these eye-opening facts:

  • During the decision-making process, B2B buyers dedicate a meagre 17% of their time to potential suppliers (Gartner).
  • When multiple suppliers are in the picture, this slim percentage dwindles to a mere 5% or 6%.

Clearly, the major obstacle in the sales landscape isn’t selling per se; it’s guiding buyers through the labyrinth they encounter when purchasing.
Imagine being part of a decision-making group tasked with selecting a complex B2B lead generation solution. Each member is equipped with nuggets of independently sourced information. While deciphering these, they must also navigate a bustling marketplace of new technologies, products and competitive services.
The B2B buying process isn’t a straightforward path but an expedition, looping through various buying stages.
So, what’s the strategy to conquer this wilderness? The magic formula lies in shifting focus towards “buyer enablement”, furnishing specific information that assists clients through their buying customer journey. This approach necessitates flawless orchestration between sales and marketing teams in a brand activation process.

Branding and Sales activities

Two key engines drive success in the business world: short-term lead generation activities and long-term brand building.

Short-term Lead Generation Activities:

Think of these as the sprinters in a relay race. These activities are high-energy, fast-paced, and results-oriented. Designed to generate immediate results, they deliver leads directly into your sales funnel. Tactics might include outbound telemarketing, email campaigns, or targeted social media ads.

Long-term Brand Building:

On the other end of the spectrum is the marathon that is brand building. This involves establishing a consistent, relatable brand image in the customer’s mind over time. It’s a strategic process that includes creating valuable content, refining a unique brand voice, and cultivating a reputation for quality and reliability. This steady brand building assures customers of your company’s credibility, shapes their perception, and enhances your value proposition.
These two aspects – branding and sales activation – need to work in harmony. The sprint of lead generation provides immediate visibility and potential leads. At the same time, the marathon of brand building nurtures these leads, fostering trust and converting them into loyal customers. This cohesive approach creates a powerful synergy that drives sustainable business growth.

Operating in the Australian Market:

If we’re talking about Australia, particularly Sydney, it’s important to note that the B2B buying process can be distinct. Aussies tend to be more conservative and discerning in their business relationships. They place great value on trust, long-term relationships, and consistency. This trait makes brand activation and reputation even more crucial.
Imagine Illicium lead generators making a call on behalf of your brand in Sydney. We engage your target market, presenting your product or service as a solution perfectly tailored to their business needs. The prospect is interested but has yet to jump into a meeting. They want to learn more and do their research.
This is when your long-term brand activation strategy springs into action. As prospects explore your brand online, each interaction contributes to their perception. A strong, positive online presence convinces them of your reliability, building trust and guiding them one step closer to the purchasing decision.
That is the magic of combining short-term sales activation with long-term brand building in the B2B buying process.
Illicium doesn’t just generate leads. We convert these leads into loyal, long-term customers. Our ultimate goal is to maximise your ROI and ensure your business success.

The Bumpy Road of Lead Generation Services

Lead generation services shine brightly in the vast universe of sales outsourcing, offering the allure of quick results. They inspire a flurry of excitement with their action-packed, high-paced approach. Yet, beneath the shiny veneer, there often lies a reality of unmet expectations and unfulfilled sales targets.
Why so? It boils down to a fundamental misalignment of strategy. Sales, especially in the B2B space, is not a 100-metre dash but a marathon. Securing an appointment is merely the starting block in the grand race of the customer journey. This journey can be dauntingly intricate in the highly competitive B2B landscape, where the buying process is protracted, and decision-makers abound.
The golden ticket to success in this arena is seamlessly orchestrating your sales and marketing moves. Isolating lead generation from the broader context of brand and marketing building is akin to trying to cook a gourmet meal with just one ingredient. The chances of success are small, and the likelihood of getting burned is high.
In this context, the appeal of one-size-fits-all, turn-key solutions is evident. However, the truth is that sustainable growth over the years is rarely if ever, achieved with a generic playbook. You need a partner who understands the entire sales cycle and can deftly choreograph its every beat.

Illicium: Your Guide Through the Sales Journey Maze

This is where Illicium steps in. As an Australia-based sales augmentation agency, we know every sales journey is unique. Our approach is not just about ticking boxes but about diving deep into your business’s specifics and market.
Every phone call we make, every interaction we facilitate, and every piece of marketing material we craft is designed to build trust, establish credibility, and position your brand as a front-runner in your industry.
With Illicium on your side, you’ll not just be reacting to the market but proactively shaping the narrative. We ensure that when your prospects embark on their competitive research journey, they’re consistently guided back to you.
In essence, we’re not just offering a turn-key solution. We’re offering a solution that’s meticulously crafted to turn your unique keys to success. We blend digital, outbound sales, and marketing activities into a tailored strategy to drive down your lead acquisition costs while propelling your conversion rates upward.
With Illicium, your journey towards sustainable sales growth starts now. Welcome aboard.

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