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Building a productive channel is not easy. It is hard to identify the best-suited partners to take your product to the market or define which engagement model will have the most success.

A few years ago, channel programs offered a one-dimensional offering for partners of all shapes and sizes. They provided point-based loyalty programs and tiered partners based on revenue levels. This approach benefited the vendors but made it harder for partners to grow business alongside the channel.

No one plays by these rules anymore. Instead, value-based programs empower partners to dictate the benefits they want to the vendors to reduce the costs of doing business and increase convenience.

Your channel should drive revenue if you have the right mix of partners doing the right things. With Illicium, you activate a turnkey team to design and develop a strategy that fosters long-term success in every corner of your business.

Illuminate your channel

Channel Enablement

Create indirect revenue with a turn-key team that will design and develop a strategy to foster long-term success in every corner of your channel.

Partner Recruitment

Streamline an outcome-based onboarding process by setting up an engaging channel enablement program.

Channel Demand

Provide your partners with a structured lead delivery process to create sustainable and enduring relationships.

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Charting the Maze of Channel Sales

In the dynamic world of Information Technology and Software as a Service (SaaS), businesses often navigate through an essential crossroad: direct sales versus channel partner sales. While direct sales guarantee a streamlined approach with a lucid line of communication to the customer, channel partner sales serve to multiply your market presence and drive revenue by capitalising on third-party resources. However, with the landscape becoming increasingly intricate and competitive, providing partners with a mere fraction of the indirect revenue no longer holds allure. Instead, the key to enduring success is immersing yourself in partner enablement—a process demanding a complex orchestration of resources, substantial investment, and unwavering commitment.

Partner Enablement: A Multi-Faceted Endeavour

To illuminate your channel and metamorphose it into a productive market engagement model, excelling in partner enablement is pivotal. This undertaking is a strategic blend of partner recruitment, comprehensive training programs, channel management, and robust support systems converging to ensure a potent outcome-based onboarding process and a well-defined lead delivery process. It necessitates a nuanced understanding of partner dynamics, sizeable resource allocation, and the deftness to traverse the complexities of channel operations, making it a persistent trial of endurance, strategic vision, and expertise.

Journey into the Australian IT and SaaS Market

Embarking into unfamiliar territories, like the vibrant Australian IT and SaaS market, adds another layer of complexity to the equation. With its English-speaking demographics, robust economy, and soaring digital adoption, the Aussie market is a beacon for overseas vendors. However, its idiosyncrasies and the relentless influx of new vendors competing for market share create a challenging landscape for newcomers.

Overcoming the High Cost and Risk of Overseas Expansion

One of the significant roadblocks an overseas vendor encounters when venturing into the Sydney or Melbourne market is the steep cost associated with locating, onboarding, and managing local partner resources. Attempting this remotely without a granular understanding of the local market dynamics can lead to unforeseen complications and financial pressures. Apart from monetary implications, the risk factor escalates when operating overseas without a firm grasp of the A/NZ market, making it challenging to activate a turnkey team and cultivate a productive channel.

Engaging Local MSPs, VARs, and SIs: Beyond Just Features

Further intensifying the challenge is engaging local Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and System Integrators (SIs), which demands more than just providing them with an impressive product suite. These potential partners are driven not just by the technological prowess of your offering but also by their cost of doing business, the simplicity of selling your product, the potential market opportunity, and the strength of your support network. Essentially, they seek value-based programs that provide a viable path to success.

Unlocking Success: Outsourcing Channel

The magic key to overcoming these intricate challenges lies in the strategic decision to outsource channel enablement to an expert provider. This approach offers many benefits, including risk mitigation, cost reduction, access to local expertise, and the chance to ‘test the waters’ before committing significant resources.

Illuminate Your Path with Illicium: Your Trusted Partner

This is where we come to your rescue. Illicium is a trusted ally committed to illuminating your channel and guiding your successful foray into the Australian market. With our profound experience in channel enablement, we can tailor your indirect sales strategies to harmonise harmoniously with the Australian market’s unique dynamics.

Harness Our Expansive Expertise and Custom Services

Our expertise radiates across a broad spectrum, encompassing cybersecurity, cloud transformation, unified communication, and process improvement. We can activate a turnkey team that aligns seamlessly with your productive channel. Our comprehensive array of services includes:

  • Partner Recruitment: We excel in identifying and onboarding partners that align with your business objectives, fueling your Indirect Revenue.
  • Channel Management: We maintain a continuous market engagement model with your partners, propelling them towards their goals for long-term success.
  • Sales Centre Enablement: We ensure seamless coordination among your Direct Market Resellers (DMRs), National Solution Providers (NSPs), and distributors.
  • Channel Demand: We match the right partners with suitable campaigns and leads, optimising the structured lead delivery Process.
  • Partner Success: We provide robust support to your partners, fostering their growth and loyalty.

Being deeply rooted in Sydney, we understand the local market’s pulse. Our value-based programs and outcome-based onboarding process transform your channel sales into a productive channel.

Conclusion: Forge a Partnership with Illicium to Propel Success

By alleviating the cost and complexity associated with channel sales, Illicium does more than drive revenue; we also increase convenience for your business. Aligning your journey with Illicium sales B2B team allows you to effortlessly navigate the intricate terrain of the bustling Australian IT and SaaS market. Let us illuminate your channel, converting each challenge into a stepping stone towards your success. With our expert services, let’s reshape your Australian market entry story into seamless integration and unprecedented growth.

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